One Late Night Game Music

My name is Darrin Jackson, and as a music producer and a sound designer it is often necessary to compose music for video games. There are many games out, and a current hit game is “One Late Night”, by Black Curtain Studio.


Here is the spec music demo I composed for the game:


I took great care to compose the music in a horror style, to match the game. The first half of the song is at 71 Bpm, with 6/4 meter. The second half is at 112 Bpm with a 4/4 meter. It starts off with a 3 note piano motif that repeats through out the song, so as to establish a recognizable sonic brand for the game. The duration of the demo is only 1 minute, but I can expand it to epic proportions to suit a full size game.

To make this kind of music, you have to pay attention to the silence and well as the sound. You also have to find the right progressions that pull on your emotions and create tension.

Here is another example of a horror/suspense composition that I have created:


Here is a video demo of the music I composed for a game called Epic Citadel: This composition has 5 different Scenes:

  1. Ambient Cue: For when the player is in a general location
  2. Street Cue: Features the flute of a traveling street musician of the castle town.
  3. Church: The gothic catherdral music played when the player enters the church.
  4. Courtyard: This is the militant music played when the player enters the soldiers training grounds
  5. Outside: This is the epic theme of the score. Set against the backdrop of the towering castle and the clear blue sky, it plays when the player leaves the castle walls and starts their adventure quest..

[jwplayer config=”Youtube” mediaid=”638″]


Here are some additional game compositions created by me:



If you would like me to create an original composition for you video game or film project, Click Here to fill out my contact form.




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