Podcast – Bootsy the Funkluminati

This is a video podcast, covering Bootsy Collins and the legacy he has created with his Funk Music and his Space Bass Guitar.

Narrated by Darrin “Nomad” Jackson, this pod cast gives an over view how Bootsy Collins has been involved in the evolution of the Funk from the 1960’s Funk, the 1970’s Funk, the 1980’s Funk, and the Millennium Funk and Hip Hop of today. The podcast also features a personal expert about how Bootsy has affect his life.






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  1. Jason Vorpagel


    I know that I’m revealing my ignorance by admitting that I
    had never heard of Bootsy. But daaaaaang… I am now a fan. I also loved the story of
    his road to sobriety. Very inspiring!

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