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This is the comment I posted on David Stewarts Blog Site:

Thank you Big Dave for posting such a great article!

When I read you article, I was remind of so many songs that I have enjoyed over my lifetime. Kool Moe Dee’s “Go See The Doctor” is one of my favorite and most memorable songs of my lifetime. I was a teen-ager when it came out. I loved the bass line, and the hook “3 days later….” I can still recall the bassline from memory, and I think its the only Kool Moe Dee song I ever really liked, as its the only song I can recall of of the cassette tape I have of that album. But I never knew that Teddy Riley produced that song. You just gave me a knew found respect for that man.

Sometimes, it takes the ability to look back in history before you can recognize a persons greatness. When I look back in History I see Teddy Riley with a long track record of memorable hits. Along with Kool Moe Dee, he worked on the cult class Dougie Fresh Album “The Show”. So I can also call Teddy Riley a Hip Hop Pioneer.

Furthermore, you were spot on when you mentioned the way he fused electronic music with R&B. The Blackstreet albums was amazing, and still remains to be one of my all time favorite albums. I dont even listen to RNB like that, but the way Teddy Riley used those synths, and drums, and fused them with the vocoded vocals was vanguard for that time. It just sounded good, and still does.

Then I think about his work with Guy. I can’t tell you the name of all of their songs, but I do remember Teddy’s Jam…”Jam, Oh Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam for Me, Teddy Jam oh. This song was good, and I do think Teddy Riley was under recognized. Probably because of his association with Hip Hop, which at the time was not recognized as a legitimate form of music by the RNB world.

Darrin Jackson

***Note***This is a re post. I had trouble posting in Safari. My comment kept disappearing. So I this is a re post in Firefox. I posted this as a possible solution for others with the same problem.


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