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This is the comment that I posted on Martarius Hersey’s Blog Site:


Hey Martarius!

The MPC is a legend in Hop Hop production! Infact, I had the same dream as you. I spent many years wishing for one, and hanging out at the Guitar Center, trying not to drool on their floor models. For me, I used the power of positive visualization. I pasted a picture of a MPC on my keyboard stand so that I could see it in my studio. It took a few paychecks and my income tax refund, but I eventually got my first one.

You are right; the MPC is a production beast. It is hardware based, so you didn’t have to worry about computer crashes, or even knowing how to operate one. The MPC was stable. You turned it on, it worked, and you made music. No headaches. For me, a few of the features that I loved to use where:
• The “16 Level” function – This allowed you to assign one sound to all pads, and then ether pitch shift them or have different velocities. This was very useful for programming 808 kicks (bass music) or performing snare rolls.
• The Swing and Shift Buttons: The MPC Swing became is what added the feel to certain beats. It was so popular, that many modern computer sequencers have a MPC swing emulation. The shift button was also important, as you can shift sounds to get the laid back or sloppy feel, without falling out of pocket.

Thank you for recognizing the significance of the MPC to our music history, and writing about. Also, it was good to see you in this class. When you get a chance, check out my site: You can go straight to the blog by typing



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