Peer Comment – Wk2

This is my comment:

Hello Jason. This is one I had to comment on. I love your frankness, and open opinion. It is refreshing to find someone that is not just going to tell me what I think I want to hear. This is a perfect example of the indirect writing style that we learned about last month. You laid down a factual foundation that seemed unbiased and truthful. Then you ended it with the “negative” information. But by the time you gave it, I was open and receptive. You even caused me to rethink my position on the album. I had to ask, what was it that I liked and disliked. Like I know that I liked the “Venus and Furs” song, but it was really the eerie music that I enjoyed. Truthfully, I never payed much attention to the words. I had to look them up to find the meaning. But I was really digging the viola drone. Once again, great work!


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