George Clinton fights theft of his intellectual property.

George Clinton is 70’s years old.  Next to James Brown, his music is the most sampled in history. Yet he has to tour constantly to support his self, and his band. He even asked fans to donate money to help him build a small studio. The reason he has no money as that Bridgeport Music had total ownership of his music. The Intellectual Property at question here is the right to ownership of the master recordings, and the right to ownership of the song (publishing). Ownership of your music is your retirement plan.

If George Clinton owned the right to the master recording that means that we would get paid each time someone sampled his music. If he owned the publishing rights, he would get paid every time someone else performs his songs. This equates to millions of dollars of income that could support him and his band. Bridgeport music owns 170 of his songs and the income that is generated from them. George’s only income source is touring. George Clinton claims that his signature was forged. He spent many years in legal battles over this. He didn’t not see any victory until 2005.


According to the New York Times (Leeds, 2005) a Federal Judge returned ownership of the master records of four of George Clintons record. However Bridgeport maintained ownership of the songs. I find it atrocious that even though Bridgeport did not create the P-Funk, Parliament, or Funkedelic, yet they can claim that they own the P-Funk. However this still a small victory for George because he can finally  for income off of the sampling of his songs. He can also license future use. Currently he is suing the Black Eyed Peas for the theft of Not Just Knee Deep. But this is just the beginning of his battles over the theft of his intellectual properties.


George Clinton just filed suit against 7 European companies for trademark infringement and fraud. They have been using his Funkadelic trademark and image to sell their products without paying him. (“George clinton suing,” ). Mr Clinton, has your support! Go unleash the ATOMIC DOG on them, and hit’m with the Bop Gun while you are at it!


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